General Ledger System

The General Ledger serves as the company's financial backbone and is the heart of CyberONE Online Solutions. The General Ledger produces profit and expense analysis quickly and accurately. The General Ledger not only produces your financial reports, but also provides you the tools to organize your data to meet your company's analytical requirements, prepares and prints the balance sheet, income statement according to GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles), whether it is a consolidated balance sheet or on a per branch level.

  • Fast, Extensive Processing:
    Speed and Accuracy – fast and accurate processing of data at an instant.
    Departmentalize posting of Journal Entries – each department can have access thru its protected User-Id system to post their entries anytime of the day.
    Online Updating of GL system – an online/outright posting of individual and departmental entries, minimize the work of data encoder, thus releasing the hassle of summarizing and gathering data for end of day encoding.
    Generation of Financial Statements – are easily done and processed without delay except if there are some end of day or periodic adjusting entries.
    Detailed Description of Entries – provision of description and explanation of each individual entries for easy monitoring and analysis.
  • Complete Financial Reports:
    Automatic Posting of Time Deposit transaction to General Ledger System
    Automatic Posting of CASA transaction to General Ledger System
    Condensed Statement of Financial Condition
    Balance Sheet
    Statement of Income and Expense
    Daily Trial Balance
    BSP – FRP Excel Reports (automatic printing)
    FRP Compliant - Chart of Accounts
    Schedule of Subsidiary Ledgers:
    Customized ticket printing