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Risk Assestment Monitoring System

Please be informed that Credit Information Corporation (CIC) - Circular No. 2-15-02 Series of 2015, also known as CISA - Credit Information System Act - Republic Act No.: 9510, which requiring all "Universal Banks, Commercial & Thrift Banks, Rural Banks and Entities with Quasi-Banking License Issued by the BSP." to Submit of Credit Data and other Technical Requirements, according its Implementation Rules and Regulation.

    CyberONE CISA RA#:9510 System Features:
  • Automatic generate pipe-delimited text file
  • UTF-8 w/o BOM encoded
  • Automatic Call CIC Checker
  • Automatic Call CLEOPATRA Encryptor
  • Integrated Uploading to CIC Database Via FTP (with User’s & Password)
  • Automatic Uploading of text file data to CIC Server