Full Online Capabilities

Going full online has never been this easy. Proven fast and secured with any of your choosen service provider.

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Integrated ATM Transaction

CyberONE Online Solution is ready to provide communication with any local ATM switch provider. Giving your clients services at par with commercial banks.

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System Compliant

Now compliant with the latest (CISA RA 9510) Credit Information System Act and other BSP Circular Memorandum.

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Rovic's Tourist Hotel

At Rovic’s El NIdo, we are committed to offering sustainable, consistent and efficient hotel services for our customers, shareholders, partners, employees and for society in general. We aspire to lead the tourism sector in sustainable development and to inspire others.

CyberONE Online Solution

CyberONE Online Solutions is an integrated online solution of banking systems designed to meet the needs and requirements of growth-driven banks. System modules are seamlessly integrated to cover the core of banking activities. The system conforms to standard banking system practice in the Philippines but flexible enough to meet user customization. Reports generated comply with BSP (Central Bank of the Philippines) requirements such as the BSP’s Financial Reporting Package or FRP.

CyberSysDotNet Computer Systems

CyberSysDotNET Computer Systems formerly CyberSys Corporation is a software developer provider for almost 3 decades. CyberSysDotNET Computer Systems has been specializing and developing flexible and powerful Loan Systems for Commercial Banks, Rural Banks, Coop Banks, Thrift Banks, and other Lending Institutions.

With 470 installations nationwide of its predecessor “The Easy Loan”, CyberSysDotNET Computer System has kept its good track record in developing and providing robust software. Capitalizing on this, the company developed upgraded loan management software – the CyberLoan System. It is the first loan management system to comply with the Financial Reporting Package requirements of Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

Continuing our business philosophy to provide tools for financial institutions to grow and adapt to their ever changing business climate, CyberSysDotNet Computer Systems introduces to the market more flexible and powerful all in one solution to effectively address the needs of core banking activities – The CyberONE Online Solutions.

  Maintenance Services

All clients will be entitled with the following system services as per agreement with CyberSysDotNet Computer Systems.

  • Knowledge Based / Technology Transfer to Client's Technical Team
  • Phone System Support
  • Online System Support
  • System Updates
  • Onsite Visit